Every day I'm motivated through the special moments I'm privileged to photograph. It can be a newborn baby, a proposal, the I do moment, or a pure smile full of joy. My name is Miriam and I'm the photographer. In case you're wondering why MnM Photo, well they are my initials and I just wanted to be a little different! 

Being young I enjoyed making sure I'd photograph the best moments from family trips and going out and rushing to Costco to develop my films, getting my prints and making scrapbooks. Having been an artistic child and exploring different areas was nothing new to me but for some reason photography was my last area to explore. I saw an ad in my high school for a photo club and the rest is history... 

Well not really, I focused in learning and practicing until I made my friends and family sick of shooting them. Since then, it has been 8 years that I picked up the camera and I don't plan to stop any time soon! I have worked with professionals all over San Diego to learn anything I can from editing to shadowing, setting up studios or second shooting weddings. 

Just when you think you have seen it all, there is always those special teary eye moments that always gets me in a wedding, or the way a little kid smiles, or the joyful tears of brand new parents- when this happens, the emotion reminds me of why I photograph and it keeps me photographing every day. 

Currently dedicating myself to photography full time! I photograph newborn babies in the mornings and families, engagements, weddings the rest of my time. 

I have lived in San Diego my whole life & love it here.

Willing to travel for photography! 

Recently finished the Professional Photography Program in Southwestern College- May of 2013.



Some facts about her: 

  • Avid Coffee Drinker
  • Netflix binge watcher
  • when little wanted to be: a teacher, astronaut, archeologist, dancer, pianist, and architect. 
  • LOVES pizza   
  • often thinks there's an old lady trapped inside her
  • loves reading
  • very family oriented
  • wants will travel the world
  • good listener: tell me your story! ;)